Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day #7: A Sign

This is a sign. About signs. :) My August Baby Sing and Sign sessions started tonight - this small business endeavor has proved to be more exciting and fulfilling than I ever imagined it would. And with each new class, like this evening's, I find myself gushing over the babies and oozing with happiness that parents are choosing to include me on their journey through parenthood. This class, like many, included families who are back for a second class. Not only are families stopping in for a session to see what it's all about, but they are coming back. Again. And again. I average 10-15 families per month, I'm contracting with the Baldwin city school district and the Douglas County Child Development Association, providing demo classes for Complete Doula Services at the hospital, teaching 4 sessions for Hickman Mills school district in Kansas City, offering a staff training at a local childcare center, and working on a contract with another local childcare center. This doesn't include my involvement with many other local agencies, promoting opportunities for children and families in Lawrence and making Baby Sing and Sign visible through fundraising activities and raffles. Lawrence is an amazing community to be part of as a parent and as a self-employed individual. But the bottom line: it seems like the families who take my classes are coming back for more while the truth? The families who take my classes keep me coming back for more. 

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