Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day #4, #5, #6

Day #4: "Fresh" - cucumbers and tomatoes from Gran and Grandpa's garden for Sunday dinner.

Day #5: "Early" - this may look like a stack of drums covered in shiny things... but really it was a cake that the girls had assembled and decorated. All before 7:30 in the morning... My brain used to be that active upon waking up. I seem to be slowing down...

Day #6: "This means a lot to me" - The actual fence itself, now with the additional boards on the inside, really just means that the chickens will no longer be visiting the neighbor's yard (the yard without the dog and the neighbor who kindly returns them). But this project, along with many others, went something like this: I call my Dad and say "Hey Dad! I need to do ____ ", to which he replies, 100% of the time, "Great! How can I help?". For this project, he came right over, looked at what my plan was and headed to Home Depot for supplies so that I wouldn't have to interrupt the girls' rest time. I love to build and I get so much satisfaction from doing projects. But sometimes the company along the way is just as rewarding. Thanks, Dad!

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