Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Off they go - THIRD grade!

These two celebrated their 8th birthday last month. And now on the eve of their first day of third grade, not a day passes that I don't catch them intertwined in each other's business. They are like magnets - sometimes repelling each other with great intensity but, in an instant, drawn back together where they happily remain.

Abba Zabba... You have spent countless hours over the past year perfecting your handwriting. It's really lovely. You read faster than I can do anything. Really. The minute anything starts happening in the kitchen, you are underfoot: "Can I help???". You have mastered the new espresso machine and, while your energy level is absolutely fine uncaffeinated, Daddy and I are enjoying your budding barista services. You read Anna 14 books straight one night so I could finish dishes and take a shower. And that's not an unusual occurrence. Your hair is long and you like pigtail braids almost everyday, unless I'm willing to blow-dry/straighten (which I've only done twice. ever.) because you really wish your hair was straight. You asked for Gran to make crab legs for your birthday Sunday dinner - the amount of crab you cracked yourself and consumed was incredible. Well done. Anna's trip to the potty, the date/time of my next Baby Sing and Sign class, Elise's scraped knee, Daddy's work schedule... EVERYTHING concerns you. ;) Your latest daily activity involves keeping a detailed record of each day - no minute shall go undocumented with you around. That is the epitome of YOU: attentive and particular with a side of sensitivity.

Elise, aka "Huggy Bear"... Your dedication to making rainbow loom bracelets/pencil toppers/macarons/poptarts/dancers has blown us away. We should be selling your goods. ;) You are reckless in ways that lead to frequent scrapes and bruises but also in ways that give you the needed gumption to leap off the diving board like a pro. You are the current go-to in the car to ride beside Anna - she's not always the most polite of little people as a passenger and we appreciate your ability to ignore as needed, even when she's digging her toes into your arm. Sorry about that and thank you. You are in a cheeseburger phase of life and we dined out for your birthday at a restaurant chosen specifically for the burgers. That choice, combined with your recent affinity for making up knock-knock jokes ("knock, knock"... "who's there?"... "oliver"... "oliver who?"... "oliver our lights are on!"), proves that you are your Daddy's daughter. ;) Your drawings of characters are becoming detailed beyond belief, with such intricate lips and names like "Kukaquola Tamata".
The entire family has recently started busting out your amazing happy dance and it's the epitome of YOU: confident and carefree with a side of silly.

What I want you both to know is that, because of you, I have all but forgotten what it feels like to be lonely. Just your absence when you spend a night at Gran and Grandpa's changes the entire feel of our house. As you head off to school tomorrow, you will be so incredibly missed. I am not in a season of life right now that craves "me" time. I crave "us" time. And because of that, this summer was damn near perfect. Daddy's flexible work schedule combined with our commitment to under-scheduling gave us family time at the pool, family time at the library, family time at the farmer's market, and slow mornings, lazy afternoons, and dinner around the kitchen table together nearly nightly.

It was the summer of Ace of Cakes during naptime, memorizing Go Away by Weezer, handstand competitions at the pool, hosting your first slumber party (the two of you plus a friend), and reading The Hobbit with Daddy.

My mama heart swells with happiness knowing that you'll be in the same class again together. You both have the ability, like magnets, to break free and stand on your own with such power but when you are reunited, it is a force to be reckoned with.

Off you go my third graders! Do your thing and then hurry home... "We" are incomplete without you!

Monday, June 6, 2016

And she's TWO!

There is no better occasion to return to this place of memories than a birthday. Two. Two years since we became a family of five. Two years since they placed our third baby girl into our arms. Two years since the big girls became the big girls. Two. years. old.

Dear, sweet Anna baby... you are a walking, non-stop talking, never-a-dull-moment, notice-everything, engaged-with-life toddler. You wake up with a "Momma, come get the baby!!!" (often referring to yourself as "the baby", much as we still do), followed by "Hey Daddy! Whatcha doin? You shaving?", and then "Good morning, Abby! Good morning, Elise! May I come sit with you in the green chair?". Next it's "Momma, I'm HUNGRY! Can I have a waffle?" and "Look! I have a teeny tiny blueberry". You stopped a stranger on the street, asked her what was in the to-go box she was carrying, and when she told you it was a slice of pie, you're face lit up as you said "Ohhhh, that will be SO delicious!". This stranger then gave you her fresh piece of pie because she was overwhelmed with your response. You walked to the car, carrying the box, saying "Momma, let's go home and eat some pie!". 

Your manners are often pristine, very carefully enunciating "May I have another peanut butter cracker PLEASE" or "Excuse me, Grandpa" (squeezing past to throw away a kleenex) and "When you're done, would you please read a book to me?". You LOVE storytime at the library, galavanting through the house saying "I'm dancing about Michael... I'm so excited about Michael" at the mere mention. Your first toddler mommy-and-me dance class at the Art Center has been a treat, watching you share, participate, take turns, and squirrel around like the "goof goof baby" that you are! (That's what Abby calls you). 

I couldn't choose a favorite food for you because you happily eat it all - just in the past month you FINALLY took a liking to avocado, which makes this momma so relieved. 

You answer nearly all questions with "how come?", such as "Anna, let's put jammies on!"... "How come?"... "Anna, it's time to come to the table!"... "How come?"... "Anna, go pick out two books to read!"... "How come?". Get the idea? Your other favorite phrase is "But how can we do that?" as in "Anna, have good manners for momma while we change your diaper"... "But how can we do that?". It's really quite hard to keep a serious face when you put it that way. ;) 

After a bout with the stomach flu, you had a little lego bird upside down in a little lego bucket, saying "Look! He's getting all the yuckies out of his mouth!". You picked up two stomach bugs just 6 weeks apart, which we didn't see coming as it had been at least 6 months since you'd even had a runny nose. You managed to find the humor in the situation by cracking yourself (and us) up with "Hey Daddy! Knock knock?"... and your punch line response to "Who's there?"  was "PUKE"! During the second round of stomach stuff (23 months old) you got a taste of your first screen time - one episode of Sesame Street. In two years, you have had less than two hours TOTAL of any kind of screen time. I feel so strongly that your ability to play, interact, self-entertain, and communicate are very much a result of that parenting choice. Clearly, like your sisters, you are handling the screen time deprivation just fine. ;) 

You love books, your felt board, coloring, playing with little tiny toys, destroying arranging the dollhouses, watering and rearranging your fairy gardens, building with blocks, drawing with chalk on the driveway, riding in the stroller while I run, snuggling up and reading books with Daddy, dancing and dressing up with Abby and Elise... You are easy to entertain and so very, very entertaining. 

We find ourselves often stifling laughter when you do get angry: if we ask you to clean up, you might drop your toy on the floor, give us your best scowl, and say "She threw it on the floor", again, referring to yourself as "she". More recently, you've become rather fond of the phrase "I will not" instead of just saying "no". Again, quite polite and proper but it is a treat when you say "I will" instead. I thank you for deferring to the serious, silent anger rather than a tantrum. 

A recent conversation between the two of us will forever hold it's place in my mommy memories. 

Me: "Anna, what does Daddy say to you?"
Anna: in a deep Daddy voice "Good night, sleep tight"
Me: "What does Abby say to you?"
Anna: "Good night Anna banana"
Me: "What does Elise say to you?"
Anna: "Good night Anna banana"
Me: "What does Momma say to you?"
Anna: "Goodnight... LAY DOWN!"

I've made a conscientious effort since to silently tuck you back in on those nights when your legs are flailing about through the crib, banging against the wall while you sing yourself to sleep... You love to sing "Mr. Sun" and "The Pina Colada Song" (yes, the one about being caught in the rain).

The relationship between you, Abby, and Elise is amazing. I want you to know that, at two years, your big sisters NEVER get upset with you. And do you know why? Because the second you turn on the tears, any impending battle instantly ends. Abby swoops in at the slightest whimper or reprimand to rescue you. As fast as she might have withheld a prized possession from you, she hands it right over if you show signs of distress. Elise, on the other hand, may not be your knight in shining armor, but if I had a dollar for every time she approaches you and says "Do you know what I need?", which is her way of asking for a squeeze... The mutual love and adoration between you and "the big girls" is just. the. best. 

I referred to you over the weekend as our "grand finale" and you treat everyday as if it is so incredibly grand. We couldn't have a better finale for our five! Happy Birthday, Anna!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

My fond farewell to 2015

Dear 2015,

You were a good year. My notes are few and far between about your goings-on over the past several months, but the pictures that remain tell every story I might have needed to remember. 

During your reign, Anna turned 18 (and then 19) months... if only these pictures could talk, as this little person does nonstop. She counts to ten, sings the "ABCs", "Twinkle Twinkle", "Frosty the Snowman", "Hush Little Baby", "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom" while rarely missing a word, recites at least a dozen books from memory while flipping pages, accurately identifies her sisters 100% of the time, has lots of "Daddy-isms" like "Boom shaka-laka" and "Oh no you didn't!", uses "No thank you" anytime a less-preferred activity is about to happen, such as a request to come for a diaper change... This little person is aware of others more than I can grasp. She learns names immediately and then proceeds to use them - just today, we thanked the salesperson at the furniture store who had introduced himself to us once, and as we walked away, Anna yelled back "Goodbye Jeff!". I know, right?!?!?! From her carseat, she'll ask everyone in the car if they're cozy: "Daddy, you cozy? Momma, you cozy? Abby, you cozy? Elise, you cozy?". Naps are a breeze, bedtime is a breeze, meals are a breeze. And when something doesn't go her way, the three-stooges-like dancing, prancing, hopping that ensues is so damn cute that a mini melt-down is hardly a nuisance. Thank you, 2015, for allowing Anna to bloom and blossom into a toddler with opinions and attitude, charisma and curiosity, compassion and love.

Our big transition of 2014 was Anna's arrival... our big transition of 2015 was the start of public school. The mornings were rushed, the days felt long, the evenings were too short, and the weekends were treasured. By Halloween, we'd finally found our groove. And this pic pretty much sums up the whole transition: one of our ladies came out defensive and shooting while the other came out carefree and dancing. But the smiling faces are the outcome: proud, confident, and successful. Thank you, 2015, for giving us the strength to embark on a journey that rocked the socks off the world that we'd known for seven years. 

2015 was full of outdoor time...

The Fall was full of pumpkins and friends...

With the big girls gone, the little one and I fell even more in love with the closeness of one another...

From laser tag to fishing, theater-going to movie-going, and a little Harry Potter in between, the big girls bid 2015 a fun-filled farewell...

The best gift of all this holiday season was the solid two-week break from life: the girls were out of school, John was off work, and the daily grind came to a screeching halt. It. was. glorious.

Christmas morning...

Thanks for a great year, 2015. Enjoy one last pic of the only member of our household who somehow missed all of the other photo ops. ;)  Here's hoping no one gets excluded in 2016!

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

15 months

Where do I even begin with Anna's 15-month update... Should it come as a surprise that, already, I can hardly get a word in edgewise with you?? Sun up to sun down, sweet baby. You talk more than any little person I've ever known. 

You say "no" when you mean it and you smile and say "nooooo" when you mean yes; you say "dee do" (thank you) when given a book, food, or a kiss; when asked what you like to see at the library, you smirk and say "shimp" (shrimp), as watching the shrimp in the fish tank tickles you pink; upon entering a room, you announce yourself with a loud "hellloooooo", which is often followed by one of your fave phrases: "I'm coming!" or "Here you go!"; it's adorable when you call out "Lulu" (Lucy) or "Tah-lie" (Charlie); you love saying "one, two, threeeee!" but can fill in any of the numbers between one through ten if we count together and pause for you to say what is next; current favorite books include Over in the Meadow, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Mary Wore Her Red Dress, and Row Row Your Boat; you can name every animal in Polar Bear and you "read" most of Mary Wore Her Red Dress like this: "Mary wore red dress, red dress, red dress... Mary wore red dress all day long"... You, like your sisters, are a testament to early literacy...

We love listening to you sing "Tinkle, tinkle little star" as well as "Baa, baa black sheep, how do you do?" (your own rendition of the song...); you love to say "poop" every time you potty or if you actually need to use the bathroom, which you are doing inconsistently- when we flush the toilet and you say "bye bye poo-poo", it would be nice if you'd stop blowing a kiss to the disappearing waste but in general, we do very much appreciate how lovey you are; speaking of goodbyes, you always say "bye bye daddy" to everyone, which is usually cute but sometimes awkward when strangers hear you say that to the 50-something man at the grocery store. As I said, sun up to sun down, your cute little mouth is busy.

Your 15-month self ADORES your sisters and you spend a lot of time toddling to their room during the day, throwing up your hands as you look at me and say "Abbelise???". And then I try and avoid breaking down when I say "they're at school". Sidenote: we are all transitioning well. Elise hasn't looked back once. Abby thinks school should only be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with four-day weekends. Wise beyond her years... But you do miss your sisters and, from the moment we pick them up, you want them to be looking at you, talking to you, touching you, playing with you. 

(First day of second grade)

You eat great, you sleep great, you're healthy as can be... walking and running... talking and singing...you have 12 teeth... 25th percentile for weight... and 110th percentile for personality, according to my chart. 

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Belated Birthday THANK YOU!

I always pictured myself following the cookie-cutter kids pattern: have a baby... wait a year and a half or so... have my second (and last). Abby and Elise annihilated that mold by coming as a pair, which in turn, for the sake of our sanity, made us decide to wait a bit longer before considering another. Now the anticipated 2-year gap became almost 6 years and instead of the final babe being #2, she was #3. Cookie-cutter DESTROYED. 

And it's amazing. Abby and Elise perfectly compliment one another in their relationship with Anna: Abby often nurtures; Elise entertains. They hold her hands together for ring-around-the-rosy; they tag-team reading books or rolling the ball to give the other one a break while I switch laundry. And somehow over the past year as they entertained and nurtured, they kept growing... and then suddenly July arrived and they turned SEVEN. 

As we rapidly approach the start of their second grade journey and first year in public school, my very belated birthday thoughts to these two can be simply stated in two words: "thank you". 

Thank you, Elise, for the amazing Padme Amidala costumes, for the crossed-eyes-tongue-sticking-out-make-the-baby-laugh faces, for taking ownership of one of my favorite hats, for playing your piano recital song as fast as you possibly can (perfectly), for doing countless cartwheels inside the house regardless of how many times you were told to stop, for always wearing a bow/headband/braid and sparkly shoes, for stating that "Anna will probably read early because Abby and I read to her all the time unlike us - we had nobody", for announcing every song that comes on the radio in the car because you can see the screen and Abby can't, for checking the weather before you get dressed every.single.day even in the summer when it's the same every.single.day. Thank you, Elise.. for everything... I love you.

Thank you, Abby, for confidently starting your first day of Jedi Academy with a single braid in true Anakin fashion, for always saying "good morning" to Anna first and then letting the dog out while I'm still in bed, for thinking the greatest haircut you ever received was the day the hairdresser straightened your beautiful curls, for writing notes that say "this beer is quite delishis" in beautifully decorated letters, for still believing that the cure to a hard moment is a familiar lap and a squeeze, for wanting to start a stuffed animal babysitting club, for playfully saying "are you tickling me?" when in actuality, Anna is painfully digging her toes into your arm in the car, trying to get a rise out of you. Thank you, Abby... for everything ... I love you. 

Over the past year, you two soared through dance class, art class, drama class, and piano lessons. You made friends with ease in our Wednesday homeschool group - exploring parks, learning about farm life, and springing around gymnastics like a couple of gazelles. You performed on a stage at least 3 different times without the slightest glimmer of nerves; rather you shone as bright as I could have ever imagined my babies would. And not a single day passed that, if the award for "best sister ever" was being given, you both would have received it. Happy belated 7th birthday, girls. Public school is about to be ROCKED by you both!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Birthday Baby

Let it be known that on May 19th, 2015... the eve of Anna's first birthday... I did not cry. I remember crying the night before Abby and Elise turned one. It was a wave of emotion that I didn't expect (I'm sure John wasn't surprised by the tears)... a wave of excitement, sadness, anticipation, and love. This time it felt different. Not better-different; not worse-different. Just different. And that's what I've learned over the past year - all of my babies... all girls... all passionate... all intelligent... all beautiful... all mine... yet so very, very different. 

Anna - you love balloons. And your face was priceless on your birthday morning when you woke up to your sisters' smiing faces and a balloon.

You are the most animated, engaging, imitative, and social baby that I know. You wave to strangers big and small, say "Hiiiii" and now "Hi-low" ("hello"), and flash an amazing 6-tooth grin.

At 18 pounds, 6 ounces you are crawling and cruising, eating with a fork, and adding new words and signs daily. Abby made a list of all of your current signs... she counted almost 30. Those signs, combined with your spoken words and your over-the-top expressions, make you incredibly communicative. You are a pro with the word "no", you've tossed your fair share of food on the floor, and when you're crabby (which is rare), it's no secret. The times we've used a stern voice with you, your bottom lip and teary eyes are show-stopping. Some of your big sisters' favorite tricks include doing the following when asked: "show your teeth", "raise your hand", "give me a kiss", "say "HELLO", and "show us your cheesey face". You are in the super-cheesey, nose-scrunching smiling phase right now and you aren't stingy with it. 

Favorite books include "What a Wonderful World", all of the Llama, Llama little library books, and "The Belly Button Book", which we had to teach you so you could refer to your belly button as "bee-bo", just like your sisters did. Favorite foods incude... all of them. Last night for dinner you ate salmon and part of a veggie burger, asparagus, cauliflower, grapes, and some tasty Wheatfields bread with goat cheese on it. You still breastfeed whenever you want (thankfully your biting phase only lasted about a week) but you took to whole milk on the first taste. 

You... my charming, personable, life-of-the-party baby... were the greatest gift of all on your birthday. And the one lucky cousin, two adoring sisters, and SEVEN loving grandparents who surrounded you for the big #1 would absolutely agree! 

In the past 365 days, I was there to nurse you and rock you and kiss you at bedtime 363 of those nights. And I wake up every morning eager to see your little face peeking up over your crib. Happy FIRST birthday, Anna!