Friday, August 16, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day #15: The Best

The best way to start the day - good food, beautiful weather, and GREAT friends! We had a special breakfast with Sydney before she heads off to kindergarten. What is incredible about these three faces is the frequency with which they've seen each other since before they were born. :) Sydney's parents were in our birthing class. Now, ironic as it is, John and Syd's dad go WAAAYYYY back to their wee-lad days in Iola. Okay, not that far and not that ironic because Iola is like Kevin Bacon - everyone is connected to Iola within 6 degrees. Anyhow, Beth and I hit it off and we probably most definitely looked forward to seeing Beth and Christian each week more than learning about having a baby. Our girls were born 2 weeks before Sydney (but they were due 6 weeks later!!) and, in November 2008, we all got together for our first social gathering, with our 3-month old babies. Here we are, ready to start kindergarten, and we still look forward to seeing this family almost weekly, sometimes more, sometimes less. Having these kinds of friends is, simply put, "the best". 

Watching the giant diggers working across the street from the parking garage was pretty cool, too. But not as cool as friends.

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