Friday, August 2, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day #2: Incomplete

Birthday gifts for tomorrow's double b-day bash: Incomplete. But don't you worry! They will get done in time - when finished, these will be darling little barrette sets for some of our favorite sisters who are each heading off to school in the next week or two! Now I just need my set of sisters to feel better so neither one of them misses the party - Abby crashed on Thursday; Elise today. I told John this morning that I'm thankful illness between the girls always strikes on consecutive days - while it would shorten our overall household under-the-weather duration if they were sick together, I physically cannot carry, hold, rock, pat two of them simultaneously anymore. I mean, let's be honest - I've carried both of them from here to here over the past two days and it looks ridiculous. It's pretty obvious that they are going to be taller than me... But at least I can make incomplete cute barrettes.

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