Saturday, July 27, 2013

Photo-A-Day Challenge: Day #27: Black and White

Our Saturday started bright and early and CHILLY this morning - the Merc hosted their second annual 5K, a fundraiser for the incredible school gardens that are happening here in Lawrence. It is so exciting to live somewhere that local, homegrown food is being embraced and treated as a priority in education. Last year, my Dad and I loaded up the double stroller and walked; this year I borrowed a single stroller and ran. Abby wanted to keep me company while Elise, Gran, and Grandpa waited for us at the end. I run for health, I run because it's good for my mental well being, I run because it sets a good example for the girls - I don't run to race. But I can't lie - it felt like a win to be the first stroller out of a bunch to cross the finish line!

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