Monday, July 1, 2013

Lobsterfest 2013

Friday was Lobsterfest 2013. You can read about 2011 and 2013 here and here. It was clearly meant to be this year as the temperatures dropped from nearly 100 to 85ish. It was a perfect evening that encompassed all the necessities of a tradition worth continuing: family, friends who are like family, food, drinks, and something special:  It's not everyday that a box arrives on our doorstep from Stonington, Maine filled with 8 lobsters. Special, indeed.

I love that everyone involved cleared their calendars for Lobsterfest. I love that Abby and Elise couldn't wait to tell their friends about Lobsterfest (which went something like this: "Did you know that lobsters are coming to us tomorrow from Maine? They'll be alive until we put them in the pot."). I love that my parents happily let us fill their kitchen and deck with the remains of Lobsterfest. I love that my brother did dishes after Lobsterfest. I love that Lana and Jamey unknowingly started Lobsterfest. Some things are worth repeating - year after year. 

It probably goes without saying that this picture is the most different from previous years. For starters, Travis wore a different shirt this year. But, like a landmine that I never saw coming (right, Zach?), I teared up at this one since the three dogs waiting for their lobster treat don't include Aura. *sob*snort*tears*sigh* Charlie was happily welcomed into the inner circle at Lobsterfest this year but, the thing about traditions is the continuity from year to year. And when that familiar, expected experience changes, someone might feel it. *hand raised* Don't get me wrong - I fully plan on our Maine delivery next summer. A girl just needs to get sappy now and again...

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