Sunday, July 7, 2013


July is a BUSY month around here - fireworks, birthdays, anniversary.... We kicked it off right with some fabulous friends. I'll share the fourth with you now... birthday celebrations are underway and will be up next. The girls didn't make it to bed last Wednesday (July 3rd) until 10:30pm and, while I'm pretty strict about our bedtime around here, it was worth every minute. Remember how I've mentioned quality versus quantity? It applies to so many things in life. And our intimate, weekly dinner group is a social opportunity for our family that benefits us in oh-so-many ways. Spending last Wednesday evening with these friends could not have been a better start to the long holiday and birthday weekend.

On July 4th, we spent the afternoon and evening swimming, splashing, eating, and drinking... surrounded by awesome people, of course. :)  I cannot begin to count how many times Abby and Elise jumped off the side of the pool - jumping through hula hoops, practicing cannonballs and dives (Elise), perfecting twisty-jumps (Abby), launching themselves into the deep end and off of John's shoulders. I think it's safe to say that swimming lessons have paid off - for the past 2 summers, the girls have taken private lessons and they are as confident and competent in the water as I could ever expect a young child to be.

Happy July!

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