Friday, May 31, 2013

Forever 25

Yesterday was a great day. :) It started with breakfast out - thank you Dad, Mom, Bubbe, Abby, and Elise for joining, then followed by a local latte in the rain:

While the rains continued, we headed home and painted toenails:

The sky started clearing  so off we went to the nursery with Mom. Thank you for my new herb pot, herbs, lilac, and pot for the awesome aloe plant from John and the girls (notice a birthday present theme, here?):

We then headed home for a playdate with Erika and Mila! No pictures from yesterday, but here's the adorable trio at the Farmer's Market a couple weeks ago:

And, with the sun shining brightly, off we went to pick up John and head downtown for a Free State dinner followed by Silas and Maddy's ice cream (the girls are working on crossing their eyes - while they find it hysterical, it doesn't make for the cutest pictures):

Yesterday was a great day! Thank you to my birthday companions, eyes crossed and all, who made me feel special from sun-up to sun-down. Thank you to John for acknowledging and supporting my decision to remain forever 25. And thank you to everyone else who added to the happiness either in person or via phone/text. My ninth 25th year has left little to be desired!

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