Monday, May 6, 2013

Beautiful blues

Spring is taking its sweet time to settle in, but there are signs of it popping up that we are so excited about! On the front of our house, we've been watching momma Robin work diligently on her beautifully constructed nest. A nest which now holds these beautiful blues:

Another fairly solid indication of spring is the transformation of the chicken coop (thank you, Grandpa, for your wonderful assistance with this project!):

And the transition of the chickens OUT of the house! Who would have thought that, the year we get our first flock of chicks, Spring would take it's sweet time and we'd have big chickens living inside!!!! It's really been pretty ridiculous, if you ask me... and tonight was going to be their first night outside, but Abby was "really worried about the chickens" and it is supposed to be in the fifties... so yes...the chickens are sleeping inside tonight. Again. Maybe tomorrow night, chickies...

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