Monday, June 3, 2013

We don't "do" birthday cakes

There are many reasons why John and I are a good great match. The reason that comes to mind this evening: we prefer pie for our birthdays. It brings me great pleasure knowing that every year, for thirty four twenty five years, I have had a birthday dinner prepared by my folks. It is one of our family's "things". My brother and I have had the option to request every bit of the meal, from appetizer to dessert. My bro lacks a sweet tooth but we've had many crab leg feasts around January 2nd. Me? I know there's a story about a toddler-sized Erin requesting artichoke hearts but Frozen Mocha Pie and now Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie are more vivid memories. So, on Sunday, we had my birthday dinner. And I'm about to share with you a recipe that has nothing to do with physical health but everything to do with emotional health because this recipe just makes me downright happy.

Frozen Strawberry Margarita Pie

And because no one should ever be left out of dessert (and alcohol should not be given to children), my mom also made individual pies for the girlies sans tequila. Oh, and BTW - the frozen, sugared lime slices are NOT optional. 

I have very high expectations for children feeling special on their birthdays - I was sort of raised feeling that way. :) Abby and Elise - I have big shoes to fill but I can promise you that when July 8th arrives, each and every year, I will do my very best to fill your plate and your heart. Delicious dessert and having FOUR generations together? Happy plate... happy heart.

Grandma and Abby in an intense game of Story Cards
Grandma and Elise battling it out at Go Fish
Elise, Me, Mom, Abby, and Bubbe

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