Monday, December 27, 2010

Toy Rundown 2010

I thought I'd take a moment (or two, or three) to share the girls' gifts this year. I value gifts very much. I want there to be thought behind a gift, I want it to be meaningful to the giver and receiver, and I believe it should stand the test of time (unless it's an edible gift, in which case it really should just stand the test of taste!). I also feel that, when possible, homemade almost always encompasses all of the above. We did add some new "things" to our household this holiday season and if you need any gift ideas for a toddler, we're VERY happy with these finds:
  • P'Kolino Owl Puzzle - wooden puzzle with multiple solutions, which allows a bit of creativity and longer play 
  • Woodstock Chimes Chimalong - we were pleasantly surprised by the nice sound of this chime and an addition to our music-making collection is always welcome 
  •  Lands End Jammies - flannel, cozy, and CUTE
  • Books - Seriously, what 2-year old doesn't love their very own bird book? Abby and Elise proudly flip through and name "owl", "goose", "robin", "red-belly woodpecker", "mallard", "loon", "momma cardinal", and "daddy cardinal". For someone who has never been fond of birds, my gals sure are well educated in the bird-world!
You might see a pattern forming - "green toys", "recycled", "wooden".  I am a googler - I am constantly perusing websites to see what is out there in the world of children that is of interest. I also am beginning to truly understand the why behind my feeling that simplicity holds power. If we give our children all the toys, all the pre-created objects that make the sounds and have the lights, then what is left for them to create on their own? I watched Abby use a paper towel roll as a stethoscope on her bear, making the "thump-thump, thump-thump" sound and all. For the past several months, prior to owning their first tool set, I've watched Elise use drumsticks or blocks or spoons as her "tools", pretending to fix Grandpa's truck. It is amazing - the imagination. I am excited to see where their creative geniuses take them with these new pieces of inspiration!


  1. Hi Erin, this is funny to see right after having that conversation about good toys the other day when meeting you. Thanks for sharing the great stuff. My girls have the plan toys cutting veggies/fruits and they LOVE them, kitchen toys have proven to be the most consistent and longest lived hits around here. We got the Green Toys tea set--we will have to check out their tool set, it looks great. Thanks again.

  2. Lesa - thanks for visiting! We have the green toys tea set also and it has been used more times and in more ways than any toy in this house! Please pass on any other great finds that are a hit with your girls! Great talking with you last week - happy new year! Erin