Friday, December 10, 2010

It's too bad...

they don't say funny/cute/priceless/heartwarming things...

  • Elise to Abby, as she embraces her in a hug: "My Abby..."
  • Abby to me, as we're snuggling after naps: "I love you..." to which I replied "I love you too, Abby", to which she replied "No, not Momma, ducky."
  • Elise to no one in particular: "By jove, I got it."
  • Abby to me in the car, talking about a book-on-tape we had just turned off: "Momma, I don't like The Three Billy Goats Gruff either."
  • Elise to me, after lighting the menorah: "Momma, something you have? Teeny present?"
  • Abby at the dinner table, talking about a good friend's husband: "Me see Jamey bald head?"
  • Elise to me, every time we pull into my parent's driveway: "My Grandpa..."
  • Abby: "I say Hanu-puh" (Hanukkah)
  • Elise: "I say Honka-puh" (Hanukkah)
  • Abby, requesting a bite of my breakfast: "Momma, I love 'dis cereal"
  • Elise, talking about a good friend's little girl: "Momma, Jovea like fried beans (refried beans)?"
  • Abby, while looking out the window and seeing neighbor Bob's Christmas lights: "Good job, Bob!"

Happy Friday!

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