Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Molasses Cookies

When you spend all day with these:

And your kitchen looks like this:

You can't help but brag about making something as delicious as these:
Molasses Cookie Ball recipe from here
These little treats were a huge hit with the trio of toddlers last week - the recipe uses molasses, honey, and applesauce to sweeten, so there is no actual sugar needed.  I used a combination of organic whole wheat flour and ground up organic oatmeal instead of the whole wheat white flour in the original recipe. Yum-O!

On a totally random note, as the world begins the mass chaos of buying in preparation for the holidays, so begins our quest to stay entirely out of that world. John and I are not big-spenders. For the girls, we've tried to find that one gift for birthdays and holidays that will stand the test of time, that truly serves as a springboard for play and laughter and growth and development, and so far we've done pretty fantastic! The awesome cardboard house from last Christmas is still standing and used regularly (cute as a button, 100% recyclable, made in California), the rope swing in the front yard from their 2nd birthday is requested every time we go to and from the car (all natural, made in Minnesota), and the wooden pram from their 1st birthday is as loved today as it was then (all natural, made in Germany):

September 2009 - Abby pushing, Elise lounging
 November 2010 - Abby pushing, Elise texting
Happy shopping - may your gifts be personal, meaningful, and as worthy of pictures in the years to come as they are today.

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