Monday, October 18, 2010

Cards, hats, and horses... OH MY!

As you may have noticed, the blogging has slowed lately.  I can promise you that I am still cooking... still baking... still feeding my family. But, as the weather changes, so do my hobbies. I consider blogging a hobby; it's a great thing to do when I have time but is not a "must do" in my day. Added to the already long list of hobbies that I love, sometimes I must take a hiatus. I definitely have the "craft" gene (thanks, Mom!) because I find handmade to be simply wonderful. 

The girls have 2 new (not pink!) stocking hats. I handed over 4 gorgeous (did I mention that I 
take great pride in my creations???) packs of cards to Grammy. And as I sit here and look at these pictures, the less I want to be typing and the more I want to be doing!

**Quick sales pitch... the cards make GREAT gifts (insert testimonial here from repeat buyer... hmmm... I wonder who that could be??? Linda). I make packs of 4, they are lined - which actually makes them reusable as the receiver could take the liner out and tada! - The holidays are rapidly approaching... if interested, email **

In addition to the frenzy of paper and yarn, our family of five (don't get carried away... I'm including the dog here) have been visiting the Farmer's Market on these lovely fall Saturday mornings. Fresh, local goodies. For lunch last weekend, the girls had a bit of everything in this bowl:

And we really enjoy this homemade buttermilk ranch dressing recipe. I used lowfat buttermilk and substituted Greek yogurt for the mayonnaise.

To top off fall, we spent Saturday afternoon at the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin, complete with a festival of meats courtesy of one of John's buddies. As we walked up the driveway, Abby saw the smoker and said "Wow! Look momma - choo choo train!". It...was...huge. A steam-engine sized smoker and a merry-go-round made for a splendid Saturday, I must admit.


While I'm lacking pictures of my own, here are a couple of recipes that we consumed in the past week - one was breakfast and one was dinner. We LOVE steel cut oats - John discovered these a little over a year ago. Thank you, darling! I sometimes wonder how Abby and Elise manage to eat a bowl as big as ours without exploding. The other recipe involves the crock-pot. Yes, it is crock-pot time. Could fall bring any more enjoyment to our lives???

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