Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tofutti and Waffles (not together... #14 & #15)

Last night, I made Tofutti cookies. Really? The recipe called for cream cheese and butter, which I subbed with Tofutti and shortening in order to create a dairy-free treat for some co-workers. Here's the recipe. I used organic whole wheat flour instead of whole wheat white flour and eliminated the dairy, as noted above. The recipe says to bake for 12 minutes - mine were border-line charred on the bottom after 9 minutes, maybe from the substitutions I made? Tofutti is surprisingly handy - taste and consistency were perfectly acceptable in this recipe. Overall, good combination of health, tastiness, and ease.

This morning, blueberry waffles were
needed. I found this recipe and, once again, used all organic whole wheat flour. Abby and Elise were quite pleased with their breakfast and I am quite pleased with the energy and spunk that such a filling and nutritious meal provided them. Shortly after we ate, as I was putting on a necklace, Elise exclaimed "Momma, pretty!" to which her sister added
"CUUUUUUTE!". Talk about positive feedback!!! I will definitely be whipping up blueberry waffles again as well as adding that particular accessory to outfits in the future. Thank you, my little fashionistas!

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