Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fructose = BAD!

Check out this link kindly provided by my fellow mom-of-twins, Kelly:

I am constantly amazed by the overwhelming presence of high fructose corn syrup on ingredient labels. In bread? In fruit juices? Added to cereals? Get out of town! I am quite proud to state that we currently have NOTHING in our kitchen that contains high fructose corn syrup. John buys delicious Hansen's soda when in need of a fizzy fix - both sweetened with... wait... could it be... REAL SUGAR! Splenda/Aspartame are my other absolute NOs in our kitchen - and you really have to read labels carefully to catch these sour-tasting additives with that not-so-pleasant aftertaste. In the words of my wise-beyond-her-years Abby: "GROSS!".


  1. amen to that...hfcs, ew.

  2. If you ever miss Coke, the Costco here has it with cane sugar in glass bottles.