Tuesday, August 31, 2010

It's too bad...

they don't love each other...

Current favorite quotes:
  • Elise: After being reminded frequently that we just don't drink out of other people's cups, as I was returning Cohen's cup to his daddy, Elise says "Momma, Coco milk... me drink.". I said "You drank Cohen's milk?" and Elise responded "Yeah! Two times!". Honest little stinker...
  • Abby's "ABCs"! She dances around the room, bouncing up and down on her toes, arms alternating up and down, to the tune of (and at the top of her lungs): "A, B, C, G, H, W, X, Y, Z! Now my ACs... Next time, sing me!". If at any point Elise chimes in, Abby declares "NO! Mine!", as she is quite proud of her alphabet performance.
  • "Duh, doo" is finally transforming into "Thank you". Whew! It's about time!
  • "Bless you" - both A and E say "bless you" when someone sneezes.
  • And finally, shopping. The girls make multiple pretend trips each day to either The Merc or HyVee, pushing their strollers down the hall to buy "sugar", "blueberry scone", "peach scone", or today it was "new soap".
When asked what they wanted for breakfast this morning, both replied "PANCAKES!". No, I'm not considering changing the name of the blog to "pancakes", but I did kind of miss our daily request for "bananas and blueberries".

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