Monday, February 4, 2013

Snack sharing: Peanut butter apples

Snacks are a big part of life, aren't they? Now, I'm not an all-day-snacker advocate: we eat a good breakfast, a morning snack (if breakfast is early), a good lunch, an after-nap snack, and dinner. I don't do bedtime snacks - personally, or for the girls. And food is not readily accessible for Abby and Elise; they still ask 100% of the time before getting anything to eat. I've been making a more conscientious effort to reduce carbs and increase raw veggies. Don't get me wrong - I don't find any deficits in our diets. The girls continue to be bottomless pits hearty eaters. And while I'm thinking about carbs and grains and eating fewer myself, I am still a big fan of the real-deal, whole grains. 

All of that being said... let's share snacks! I mean, not really share - keep your germs on your plate, please. But I think I'll start posting pics now and then of our snacks. I would love if you'd share yours, too - either via FB or comments. So, to get this snack-party started, today we had peanut butter apples, with dried cherries:


  1. This made me feel better. We just bought a fruit basket so I could get my fruit out of their reach. I got sick of them stealing the fruit off the counter, taking one bite out of it and leaving it lying around. (Or trying to play with it like it's a ball). But I was feeling like an ogre for limiting their fruit access. But I absolutely do try to maintain meal and snacktimes so they're not just munching all day long. Apples and PB are a favorite around here, too. (Or apples & cheese depending on the child). They like graham crackers with applesauce, too. Clementines are big right now. Dylan loves bananas. And my personal favorite (for myself) at the moment is English muffin with PB and bananas.

  2. Erica - Ha! The "ogre" of the kitchen! Feels that way at times, doesn't it? ;) We use a lot of almond butter too - today it was almond butter and honey mixed together and spread on apples. Bananas - do you freeze them? I stock up when our local store has the overripe organic bananas on sale, peel, break into chunks, and toss in a freezer bag. They make the BEST smoothies! Always so wonderful to hear from you and your life in the faraway land! :)