Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's too bad...

It's too bad.... they aren't expressive.

We've really been targeting emotions and talking about feelings lately. Partly as a developmentally appropriate teaching opportunity... partly to help improve coping skills. The conversations contain a lot of "Use your words" and "You look (insert emotion here)" and "Let's think of a solution" and "When (insert frustrating situation here) happens to me, I would feel (insert emotion here) also". It's the whole acknowledge-relate-comfort-support process. 

Today, while trying out bikes at Sunflower Bike Shop downtown, Abby was cruising around the shop on a bike and, when she went to park it, the damn thing toppled over. Now, I guarantee you that two weeks ago, Abby would have gone to pieces. She might have cried. She might have yelled. It just might have been a very unfavorable scene. Today? While still under the bike, she loudly, clearly, expressively stated: "I AM NOT HAPPY ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED". While holding back laughter, I reaffirmed her feelings ("You're right, Abby. I wouldn't be happy either if my bike had fallen over") and we smiled (along with the staff at the store). 

On an entirely different note, at dinner tonight, Elise announced that she was making a picture for Uncle Travis because he "probably doesn't get that many pictures". :) She was tracing her hand and wrist, drawing on a bracelet, and coloring the fingernails KU colors. Uncle T informed her that a monster would be nice, too. After a few more minutes, Elise held her picture up to me:

Elise: "Look, Momma. I drew a monster for Uncle Travis. It's green because it has the schwamp all over it". (say schwamp out-loud, please. it needs to be spoken for the full effect)
Me: "It's lovely! But what is all over it?"
Elise: "The schwamp." (stated very matter-of-factly)
Me: holding back laughter because of how awesome this child's /s/ sounds are: "Of course! The SWAMP! I love your swamp monster!"

Happy Sunday. I hope your day was full of freely spoken feelings and the schwamp. Both made me happy. Very, very happy.

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