Friday, December 21, 2012

The first snow

It snowed on Wednesday night. It was a snow that I spent all day Wednesday hoping for - you see, Aura loves the snow. My faithful companion of nearly 13 years has always LOVED the snow. And we were preparing ourselves (however poorly) for this to be her last snow. I'm not convinced that it isn't, but I feel like it snowed for her. And I'll be damned if she managed to get herself off the floor and insist that she join us outside - and I'm sure it did her old arthritic bones not a bit of good to be out in the cold, but so be it. The vet, as of this morning, put her on some pain meds that will either make a huge difference... or not. He was nowhere near ready to give up, so I'll peel myself off the floor, wipe the tears, and do the same. But while I wallow in my pathetic and insufficient coping skills, please make sure to notice and enjoy the little things...Like the first snow and all the wonderful memories it triggers. 

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