Monday, December 3, 2012

Lovin' Lawrence

It's good to love where you live. Really, really good. The past several days have simply reminded us, as a family, how great it is to do things, see people, and share experiences together. And Lawrence, KS is just the place for all of the above! We started our weekend-o-fun on Thursday with the Festival of Trees at Liberty Hall, followed by dinner at Freestate Brewery. We continued on Saturday morning with the horse parade and ended our day with some Rock-Chalk excitement at Allen Fieldhouse for the KU volleyball tournament. Sunday took us to Strawberry HIll Christmas tree farm, which felt nothing like December but was complete with warm apple cider. As we were leaving downtown on Thursday evening, surrounded by the glowing trees along Mass, Elise sighed and said "I just love the holidays". Yes, my child, I. do. too. 

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