Saturday, April 9, 2011

Saturday, lovely Saturday

One might ask: "What do you do when it's supposed to be 90 degrees in early April?"... and we respond with "Get out in the yard shortly after 8 am and work your tail off!". 
Then, after a day full of sunshine and outdoor fun, one might ask: "What ever are you going to eat to re-fuel those tired bodies?" ... and we respond with "Salmon, asparagus, whole wheat rolls, and fresh mango!"... thanks to our very own grillmaster. John served us a fabulous meal - Abby and Elise helped brush the asparagus with olive oil, getting it ready for the grill, and John concocted one of his marinade/sauce creations for the salmon with local honey, organic orange zest and juice, sprinkle of basil, splash of water, dash of worcestershire, salt, pepper, avocado oil, and a whole lot of awesome. 
We (actually, this probably only applies to me) have been feeling a little frustrated with the little ladies' bedtime. It usually rolls around at 7:30 - teeth are brushed, books are read, ducky and froggy are carefully spread out on pillows, and lights are out. No one cries. No one gets out of bed. But no one..can stop...talking. Abby sings her "ABCs". Elise discusses whether she'll wear a blue shirt or a green shirt when she wakes up. And on one particularly entertaining night last week, I overheard Elise say: "Momma? Daddy? Can you hear me?"... pause... "See, Abby, they can't hear us!".

Well, do you know what Saturday gave us today, in addition to fresh air and good food? Very tired children. In Abby's own words: "Momma, I go to sleep with not a peep."

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