Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Not-so-wordless Wednesday

They used to just LOOK cute... but now they SOUND adorable, as well:
  • Abby to Uncle Travis, referring to his new puppy: "Uncle, I not know that her vagina. I thought that her belly button."
  • Elise to Abby: "Abby, only babies pee pee in their underwear. And that's gross." (in her defense, Abby had NOT had an accident, was just on her way to the bathroom rather quickly)
  • Abby: "Momma, maybe when I grow up, I know how to chew a gumball?"
  • Elise: "When I grow up, I drive Grandpa's truck. And I go to Target and buy big carseats for Gran, Grandpa, Grammy, and Gramps." (how's that for a mental image?)
Happy word-ful Wednesday! 

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