Sunday, April 24, 2011

Let's hear it for SPRING!

When the sun is shining... go climb a tree:

Wander through the green grass:

And play with a puppy:

As you can see, the camera has been seeing quite a bit of action lately, out of the kitchen. We've been hanging around outside (literally!), spending time with family (grandparents, great-grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins - you name it!), and welcoming Baby Ginger to the family (Uncle T's sweet pup). I do miss sharing recipes and food, so I promise to work that back into the schedule soon. Just in case the pictures weren't enough, however, here's the conversation-of-the-day:

While cleaning up, the girls were pouring, filling, and dumping water back and forth. Elise had the pitcher full of water; Abby had an empty bottle:
  • Abby: "ELISE! MORE!"
  • Elise: "Abby, I'm going to hold this pitcher right here until you have nice manners."
  • Abby (in the sweetest little tone): "Elise, may I have some more water please?"
  • Elise: "Yes you may, Abby. That was much better."
Have I mentioned lately that we are LOVING these girls more than ever? And can you blame us???

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