Monday, February 21, 2011

100 Days of Real Food

While jumping from one blog to another, I came across 100 Days of Real Food. This blog journals a family's shift away from processed foods, transforming their diet to include "real food". I can't stop clicking and reading and clicking and reading. I'm going through our grocery list from yesterday, wondering what we may have purchased with more than 5 ingredients. And it feels good that all I can come up with is Barbara's Honey Rice Puffins (cereal). We spent $137 at the Merc, which included ALL food items (meaning no paper towels, toilet paper, etc...) and all but ONE item fell outside of this blogger's criteria for "real, whole food". 

I think a lot about the food we eat. Yes, I feed the girls PB&J sandwiches - but it's in the form of local, whole wheat bread, 100% pure fruit spread, and organic peanut butter that contains nothing but peanuts. Yes, we eat sweets - but I try my best to use whole wheat flour or honey in place of sugar (when I can). We also define "dessert" as anything extra after dinner, so it might be a nice little bowl of organic yogurt, flaxseeds, and some fresh organic blueberries. And yes, we indulge in foods that in no way, shape, or form meet the criteria of "healthy" (see

"Healthy" is a lifestyle for me, not a destination. I am not trying to reach some end-point at which I say "okay, now what?
". Check out the website above. It's definitely given me some thinking-points this afternoon.

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