Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza and Beer

We have this lovely little trio of friends - two other families, each with a toddler and now one with a darling baby - and we try to plan a monthly "pizza and beer" playdate. I still remember our first one - it was December 2008. I love how life works - the first night of our birthing class, in we walk and there is a childhood and longtime family friend of John's sitting there with his pregnant wife. We sat together each week of the class and they were due with baby Sydney in July 2008 (my original due date was September). Abby and Elise were born 2 months early and about 2 weeks ahead of Sydney. In December, we got together for the first time with the 3 baby girls, and I'm sure I was a nervous wreck. What if they have a diaper blow-out? What if they need to eat? I can't possibly nurse the two of these tiny babies in a strange place! Keep in mind, with preemies, we'd basically been on house arrest in a state of total sleep deprivation for days... weeks... months! Here's a glimpse of that night:
  • December 2008
Sydney is thinking "What is wrong with those two???"
I am thankful for the "right place, right time" of that birthing class. "Pizza and beer" nights have brought us laughter, playmates, support, and friendship. Two couples became three. 3 little girls became 3 little girls and a little boy... which then became 4 little girls and a little boy. Tonight we all came together to eat, drink, exchange belated holiday books, and play. And for me, I got caught in that all-too-familiar amazement of what a difference a year makes. Beth and Christian, Mike and Sara - here's to another year of Ring-Around-the-Rosie, group potty time, cookie painting, and of course... pizza and beer.
  • December 2009
  • January 2011

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