Thursday, March 21, 2013

Twin Talk

The girls do love to talk. And talk. And talk. I have no idea where they get it from... I'll stop there and let you enjoy some quotable quotes before you start pointing fingers. See - I'm a woman of few words. But you already knew that, right? Still going...

Elise: "My heart is broken."
Me: "Why?"
Elise: "Gramps didn't invite me for ice cream."
(which he really did, she just didn't hear him...)

Abby (crying from the bathtub): "Elise bit my toe!"
Elise: "But Abby told me to!"
Abby: "I meant to say 'I love you'..."

Elise: "I don't want that blanket on me. It makes me nervous."

Abby (walking through a doorway): "Duck"
John and I look at each other, confused.
Abby (walking through another doorway): "Duck"
Me: "Abby, what are you doing?"
Abby: "Uh, I don't want to hit my head. I'm Jeff Withey."

Me (to Elise, who is sitting quietly on the couch bench while Abby Jeff Withey plays a mean game of bball in the living room): "Elise, why are you sitting on the couch?
Elise: "I'm Tyler Self. He's not as good as the others."

Now, before you read this last one I need to share some background. A few weeks ago, John showed the girls the movie "Aristocats". For some reason, rather than focusing on the "cats" or "kitties", the phrase that stuck with Abby and Elise is that the movie was about "pussy cats". OBVIOUSLY, there is not another meaning associated with this phrase for my precious children. And I have responded very nonchalantly when one or both has asked "Mom, how do you spell pussy?". Cat. They are talking about CATS:

Abby (talking on the phone with John): "We were swinging daddy and I fell...."
John: "Did you fall on your tushy?"
Abby: "What did you say?"
John: "I said, 'did you fall on your tushy'"?
Abby (chuckling): "Ohhhh.... haha, Daddy! I thought you said 'Did you fall on your pussy'"!

Oh, the things kids say...

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