Sunday, March 24, 2013

Fun with food

I do not advocate for playing with food, necessarily. But eating should be fun, right? Well, yesterday was a lazy Saturday over here - I made it out for a run before the drizzle/snow started (again) and then we all settled in because our night out with friends and no kids included a KU win, some tasty beverages, and a late night. The girls were also tired, especially because they were found giggling in their bed at Gran and Grandpa's at 4 in the morning. When Gran asked what was going on, they were just sure that it was almost time to get up. It wasn't. 

After naps and between basketball-watching, we found a production of The Cat in the Hat on Netflix - a live performance by the London National Theater. It was 30 minutes long (perfect length, in my opinion) and included real actors instead of animated ones. Anyhow... what is the perfect dinner to fit the theme and is a snap to make? Well, green eggs and bacon, of course! Thanks to Uncle Travis' suggestion, we just tossed eggs and spinach in the blender - beautiful green eggs! I really liked the flavor that the spinach added and the girls cleaned their plates.
  • Green Eggs
    • 3-4 local organic eggs
    • Big handful of organic baby spinach
    • Pinch of salt
    • Splash of organic local milk
      • Blend away and prepare like scrambled eggs!
Continuing the fun-food today, I made the girls a colorful, silly lunch. Again, every morsel was devoured and they were so excited to tell John about what it had looked like. Eating is fun, isn't it?

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