Monday, June 4, 2012

And summer begins...

This summer has been much awaited, much anticipated. This would be the beginning of my 11th "summer vacation" as a teacher. But instead, this is the beginning of my first summer as a stay-at-home mom. We have been working toward this goal for nearly 4 years and it has taken the love and dedication of both sets of grandparents and my very hard-working husband to get here. I've had a lot of people (many of which are working moms) say "you're so lucky" and "I'm so jealous". But this isn't a gift that has fallen into my lap. My beautiful birthday bouquet? Definitely a gift that fell into my lap...

But staying home? This was a well-thought out plan that involved financial components, lifestyle components, and priorities. It was a plan that involved doing what we believe is best for our family. And I just happen to be on the receiving end of this most perfect plan. Let the good times roll!


  1. You planning to homeschool the girls?

    1. We are planning to homeschool kindergarten. It's very exciting, and rather hilarious at the same time. I NEVER would have imagined that I'd homeschool any part of my children's education! It's funny what becoming a mom will do to you, right? :) The school district here has a "virtual school", so we can actually enroll there and they provide the curriculum, etc... as well as a district contact if I have questions. It's a nice feature in that it allows me to keep a close eye on the district's curriculum so that when the girls eventually make an appearance in public schools, they'll be on the same page. But really I just want to keep them home so we can play all day long!