Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The first harvest

Our lack of full-sun is a bit of a problem, but when I passed the tomato plants at the nursery last week, I couldn't resist. We have one in a pot on the back deck... one in a pot in the front... and one in the whiskey barrel with some verbena and petunias. Unconventional? Yes. Still providing us with fresh, LOCAL, food? YES!

We live in a community that has such great ways to get our hands on local food. The
Downtown Lawrence Farmer's Market is our favorite Saturday morning outing. We love the fruit/veggie options, the local musician jam sessions, Anthony's Beehive honey sticks, and the chance to talk with others who also look forward to these weekend gatherings. The girls are always eager to head down to the market! And the power that food has when our little ladies know where it comes from - they are so excited to eat nearly anything!

And once again, I'm back to my oh-so-frequent soapbox: the importance of what we feed our children. I think this topic is worth visiting and re-visiting time and time again because it's never too late to make some changes and there are always new and different tastes to offer. Thoughts for today...

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