Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ergo, anyone? (Rainy day project!)

Anyone who encountered me out and about when the girls were roughly 6 months to 30 months probably witnessed the Ergo in action. I loved the Ergo. Abby is my babywearing lovechild. Just last week, she sat in my lap in tears, pleading with me: "No, Momma! I not too big for the Ergo!". The tears on my shirt did not all belong to Abby after that line. (For those of you wondering... while we were die-hard Moby wrap lovers during the first 6 months, the Ergo was the ultimate next step... click on the links if you're interested.).

You may remember A & E in their early ergo contraptions:

Don't get me wrong: I applaud their creativity and I LOVE their compassion and desire to be in such close contact with others. But I am pleased to share with you the all-new, momma-made ergos:
Yes, if you are a babywearing-guru, these are "sling" type carriers. But who is really going to correct an almost-3-year-old when she uses the term "ergo"?? :) We have some steadfast rules about toys in our house: they do not belong at the kitchen table, they do not go into stores or leave the car when running errands, and they do not go to other people's houses when we are on a playdate. These rules have made it so simple for the girls to part with their belongings when we ask as well as teach them that they do not always require entertainment. I broke the grocery-store rule for the first time today... ever. Abby and Elise desperately wanted to wear their babies in the ergos into The Merc. And even I couldn't say no to this cuteness. 

If you're interested, I basically used this pattern, with minor tweaking. Super simple - took about 20 minutes total. Let me know if you want one - I'd be happy to crank out a few more!


  1. Erin I have to say, this is hilarious and so cute! Way to go on making your little ladies total hippies! :-) Randomly I was saw a picture on Amanda Shurle's FB (ADPi if you dont remember) today of her twins wearing these baby wraps too! Very cute, and I think Pheebs would love these equally as much. I'll have to see if I can figure it out. ~Joanna

  2. thx for visiting, joanna! yes, my little hippies are well on their way! the baby slings have been a huge hit, so i highly recommend one for your sweet gal. :)