Friday, March 4, 2011

And another 24...48...72...hours later...

Well, 24 hours after the "Yay! Abby's on the mend and we're doing great" post, Elise spiked a fever. That was Friday. And continued through Saturday. And got worse on Sunday. We made our first ER visit with either of the girls on Sunday evening - Elise was wheezing, struggling to breathe, and still running a fever. ER results: pneumonia.

Then we hit Monday. Elise was worse. Abby's cough was back and she was complaining of ear pain. Let me remind you - the girls have NEVER had an ear infection. Could it be possible that we would have 2 toddlers with pneumonia AND an ear infection?

Hello Tuesday. Doc visit for an ER follow-up and to have Abby's ear checked out. Doc results: both girls still fighting pneumonia and BOTH with ear infections. It was Elise's turn for the killer shots in the thighs to fight the lung infections and what followed included "get a doctor!", "get a crash cart!", and "call the paramedics". To make a long and very scary story short, Elise stopped breathing after the shots basically due to her body freezing from the pain of the shots and the very weak coping skills of her sick system. From this experience, I learned that my coping skills are downright awful in times of trauma.

It is now Friday. The girls are on the up-and-up! I haven't shed a tear in over 24 hours! And some of the sights in our household are once again returning to normal.


  1. Glad to hear everything seems to be on the mend. Let me know if you need anything -- we're pretty much a stone's throw away. :)

  2. How terrifying. Glad they're both feeling better now.

  3. How awful! Glad they are on the mend..hope you are too!

  4. Kyly, Erica, and Christi - Thank you all for checking on us and for the happy thoughts. You are all momma's so you can relate to the over-powering nurture instinct that kicks in when a little one is sick. i haven't had to use that mom-power with the girls yet, but i think our experience at the doc's office more than made up for the past 2 1/2 years.

    By the way, the very top left pic in the first collage - with Elise in the ergo on my back - that was how I got the dishes done that day. She was a wreck every time I put her down, and the kitchen was making me crazy, so I just strapped her on! Gotta love the baby-wearing, even with toddlers!

    Thanks everyone!