Saturday, July 17, 2010

It's keen to be green

This is exciting. A friend who lives in California emailed me after I announced the blog with ideas to pass on to us! Exactly what I was hoping for! She and her husband are currently expecting their first child (yippee!) and she shared that they are trying to "make our lives a lot greener by doing little things to change how well we live. CFLs in all lamps, low flow showerhead, reusable shopping bags come with me everywhere, making better buying choices and making/using non-toxic anything where at all possible". Kudos to you, my friend, and no better time than when you're prego, about to bring a baby into a world with far too much human-made yuck as it is.

Here's some of what she had today (with more to come!):
  • Eartheasy is a site that promotes a greener, sustainable lifestyle in all aspects.
  • Green Clean: The Environmentally Sound Guide to Cleaning Your Home (book)
    "Even before I got pregnant I always hated harsh cleaning chemicals, the ones that sting your nose and hurt your lungs... I figured if it's dissolving soap scum on my shower doors what the heck is it doing to me?! So, I found this book. Amongst other tips it has recipes to make natural, homemade, non-toxic cleaning products and if you're not the total DIY type they also have listings for the healthiest, greenest, most effective commercial brands. The natural cleaners take a little bit more elbow grease to work but, they work. I've learned that you can use distilled white vinegar and water to clean and disinfect just about anything and it's much better in my book than 5 different bottles of chemicals whose ingredient lists are NOT listed or I can't pronounce any of them! The book is printed on water proof material so it can live with your cleaning supplies under the sink until you need it without getting damaged" (Erika)
Okay, so far I'm enjoying the Eartheasy website. Here are two articles that I was instantly drawn to:
See - it's not only keen to be green, but it can be clean to be green! Thanks Erika!

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