Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: We choose happy.

When faced with stress, we have choices. Right? Stress related to finances, health, relationships, work, parenting, pets, laundry, unorganized spice drawers.... stress can be caused by the biggest of the bigs and the littlest of the littles. John and I spent 19 days together to round-out 2012. During those 19 days, John was incredibly sick, Abby was sick, Elise was incredibly sick, and Aura passed away. We also celebrated two major holidays and had a family wedding. Do you see what I'm getting at here? Stress settled upon our shoulders. On John, on me, on Abby, on Elise. By day 18, I felt like we might self-destruct. But, as a couple, John and I began saying "I choose happy". We said it to ourselves. We said it to each other. We said it to the girls (a lot). I've said it through tears and I've said it through laughter. And with the new year upon us, I am thankful that the stress of December 2012 reminded us that we always have a choice. Happy New Year - choose happy. 

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