Monday, September 24, 2012

Well ventilated.

As I mentioned before, the vents in our house have served the girls well as a means to continue conversations after being separated into different rooms. Yesterday, I too fell in love with the power of the vents. During rest time, Elise was in our room; Abby in their room. I peeked in at Elise: laying in bed, one foot crossed and propped over the other knee, book in hands, quietly telling a story aloud with great detail. Next I peeked in at Abby across the hall: not in bed, curled up on the floor, head on a pillow, blanket covering her, snuggled smag-dab beside the vent, just listening to her sister's story. I couldn't get downstairs fast enough to tell John. Sigh. I love those vents. Oh, and I love those girls.

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