Friday, September 21, 2012

Lonely blog...

The blog is lonely. I, however, am very much NOT lonely. One husband. Two children. Two dogs. One cat. Two fish. One newt. And today I looked around and realized my cleaning lady had quit. Errr.... hold on.... wait a minute.... what cleaning lady???? Oh, right. That'd be me. Hmmmm... 

It's okay. It's actually better than okay. Because I'd take Abby in her red velvet dress, Elise in her tshirts, undies, and sparkly pink shoes, Charlie and Aura with their growling-barking-playing, monarch caterpillars on the kitchen table, and John on his drums anyday. All of that totally trumps a cleaning lady. :) 

The girls started soccer and kindermusik this Fall. We head to the library at least once, if not twice, each week. We are insanely grateful for our weekly dinner group with some amazing friends and their kids. My family's Sunday dinner tradition continues. We make breakfast together nearly every morning. And lunch. And dinner. We visit the grandparents and the great grandmothers. I am learning how they learn - how Elise figured out to count all the way to "twenty-nine-ten" (30), how Abby sounded out "Lana" on my phone to tell me a text had just come from her. They can both skip. They say things like "the fish are probably about due for some more water" and "if I spill soup on my dress I will feel very disappointed" and "you are my very best friend and I'm your very best friend" and "this has been the best day EVER". The best DAYS ever.

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