Monday, October 31, 2011


We had two of the friendliest... and CUTEST ghosts that you've ever seen this evening! This year Halloween was FUN... for all of us. The girls were into it 100%, they got to trick-or-trick with their besties, and the candy... oh, the candy. The beautiful thing about not over-indulging your child 24/7 is that it makes nights like tonight so incredibly exciting. We don't keep candy in the house and the awe of being handed piece after piece tonight was sweet and sincere.

I love before-and-after pictures... so here's the change from last Halloween to this one, with these four girls:
Abby and Elise had decided upon ghosts within the last week so after all was quiet last night, I went to work with two pillowcases, some black felt, and my sewing machine. Then today I made some little hair bows and hot-glued them to barrettes. I love all things handmade, and Halloween costumes are at the top of my must-make-by-hand list. These little ghost outfits were so simple and, need I repeat myself, so CUTE!
The night ended with a stop at Gran and Grandpa's, and a final raiding of the sugary treasures. Despite a fall (Elise), a good time was had by all tonight - great friends, great girlies, and great fun. My little friendly ghosts are sacked out and will awaken, without a doubt, full of stories to tell of their Halloween night.

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