Saturday, September 17, 2011

I'm never sending them to school.

Why? Because what in the world could they learn at school that they aren't learning at home??? And, if they're at school, how will I know every little detail to document for posterity??? 

I love being home with the girls. Do I lose my patience? Yes. Do I sometimes feel like I never have a minute to myself? Yes. Do I sometimes calmly guide them to their bedroom and close the door to avoid a clash-of-the-titans moment? Yes. In fact, just this morning, they each spent some time in separate rooms as a result of their rudeness while I was on the phone with my brother. Why does the phone do that to children????

However, I would take all of the above in order to be present for moments like those that I'm about to share. And, from the things that they say and do, I feel so confident that their current teachers, with names like "Mom', "Dad", "Gran", "Grammy", "Gramps", and "Grandpa", are providing an excellent early childhood education.

  • Elise: While explaining the concept of triplets, Elise says "So, if a momma have 3 babies in her tummy and 2 of her babies die, she will only have 1 baby left". (Please excuse the morbidity - I have no idea where that came from - but the emerging math skills were worth noting)
  • Abby: Upon entering their room, I found this scene pictured below. I was informed that they were taking a road trip to Bubbe's and, when I came back later to make the bed, I lifted the far right pillow and discovered two pairs of shoes underneath. I said "Why are there shoes on your bed?" to which Abby replied in a very matter-of-fact way: "That our trunk!" (Ummm... hello dramatic play and imagination!)
  • And, in the area of social interactions, I have several:
    • Elise: Her new line, which was first rather successfully used with Grammy and Gramps and has continued to be implemented with Gran and others: "Please stay, because I love you so much." 
    • Abby: "Elise, I so sorry you had to get a shot." (We're currently recuperating from our first bout with croup and had to take Elise in because I just don't handle that my-child-seems-to-be-struggling-to-breathe concept well)
    • Elise: "Abby, will you be my best friend?" (and bestest buds they are)
    • This morning, John and Abby went to The Merc, while Elise and I stayed home sick. This delightful conversation took place during lunch. I LOVE Elise's questions - and if you could see her face, you would know that she is asking each question in order to fully create a mental image so that she understands the whole scenario:
      • Abby: "I saw a man with a white doggy."
      • Elise: "Oh. Are you pet him?" (they both still substitute "are" for "did" and "is" for "do"... funny in an odd kind of way, I know)
      • Abby: "Yeah. He was a friendly doggy."
      • Elise: "Oh. Did he have a red leash or a blue leash?"
      • Abby: "Well, I not see his leash."
      • Elise: "Oh. Are you ask the man what color leash he have?"
      • Abby: "No, I not ask."
      • Elise: "Oh. They have groceries?"
      • Abby: "No, just walking to the car."
      • Elise: "Oh. I need to see this man with his white doggy."
  • And, just for fun, at lunch last weekend Abby responded to my homemade mac-n-cheese with: "I not really a fan of noodles." 
I, however, am quite the fan of you two, Abby Rose and Elise Autumn. Maybe your number one fan.

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