Sunday, September 4, 2011

From caterpillar to chyrsalis to...

The butterfly garden has been bountiful! We have three chrysalises hanging in the living room - one of which we sat and watched form. Talk. About. Amazing. It literally took less than 3 minutes. The caterpillar squirmed and wiggled and twisted... and out of nowhere the chrysalis appeared, enveloping the caterpillar, until it sealed up at the top. I'm baffled by things like that. And we have transported 5 caterpillars to Gran's garden, because our milkweed has been decimated, and I couldn't stand the thought of hungry caterpillars. 

Today... we had butterflies. Two beautiful, healthy, animated butterflies. They flew about the living room... and down the hall... and when we released them out on the deck, they didn't want to leave us. They fluttered near the edge, thought about venturing out into the world, but danced their way right back into our house....

The monarchs aren't out yet, but Abby and Elise are damn cute, aren't they? We were at happy hour on Friday - teaching them early to appreciate social outings - and Lana, one of their favorites, mentioned her "sweet tooth". Elise said "Lana, may I see it?" and Abby turned to me and said "Momma, which one is my sweet tooth?". Adorable. I'm excited for the monarchs, but I'll take my butterfly babies anyday. 

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