Saturday, July 30, 2011

SWEET ALERT: Chocolate Mousse

Whole grains, fresh fruits, green veggies... all wonderful... all delicious... all important. But who doesn't need a little bit of chocolate mousse in their diet??? Sometimes I see a recipe and I just have to make it. Sometimes it doesn't matter if it has real sugar. Sometimes the main ingredient is chocolate. That's the beauty of a well-balanced, healthy diet: sometimes is perfectly acceptable.

I saw this blog post on Eat, Live, Run for a two ingredient chocolate mousse - it was a guest post by Blue Eyed Bakers. It caught my eye and after dinner last night, it just seemed like a decadent (yet simple) dessert was needed. The original recipe calls for bittersweet chocolate, which would make it dairy-free. I had picked up some semi-sweet a few weeks ago, with this recipe in mind, and I'm guessing that the difference in chocolate affected the thickening process - I needed to chill mine in the freezer a bit as it didn't quite solidify and fluff-up like the original post describes. I went light on the additional sugar and the result was an intensely chocolate flavor, which I prefer. And the girls? They enjoyed it plain. They found chocolate covered sunflower seeds to be a perfect pairing. And they surely think this might be one of my best "dip-dips" yet (for pretzel sticks or strawberries).

Chocolate Mousse
courtesy of Blue Eyed Bakers
  • 4 oz fair trade semi-sweet baking bar
  • 4 oz Ghiradelli semi-sweet baking bar
  • 1 oz unsweetened baking square
  • 2 T organic pure cane sugar
  • 1 C water
    • Combine all ingredients on stovetop over medium; heat until melted and incorporated
    • Pour into bowl that is sitting inside a large bowl filled with ice water
    • Whisk away (5-8 minutes)
    • Move mousse to freezer for 15-20 minutes, until thickened
    • Store in fridge

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