Friday, July 8, 2011

My Beautiful Birthday Babies

Three. Not one... not two... but THREE YEARS OLD. My beautiful babies are three. I love them for their enthusiasm. I love them for their curiosity. I love them for their intensity. I love them for their independence. I love them for their love of each other. I love them for their bottomless pits when eating. I love them for making our life what it is today. Every picture I see of them, every time I hear them singing a song or reading a book, every facial expression that appears... I love them more.
Abby - Strangers say that you're more outspoken because you were the first-born. I say you just have a lot to say. I love when you roll your eyes up and to the side when telling a story, usually a made-up story about a make-believe little girl named "Kiki". You are the animal-lover, kissing the dogs and kissing the cat until she smacks you. You went from screaming/crying to violently shuttering at the sight of a ladybug... now you're catching everything from bumblebees to lightning bugs. You want to know EVERYTHING and we hear "Momma/Daddy... what'd you said?" anytime you might have missed a detail that you feel could be important. You love to be held and you are always the first one up in the morning, quietly climbing into our bed for a few snuggles. When asked why you got up in the middle of the night, you said "Because I wanted to snuggle with you, Momma". You still have the same, deep belly laugh that first appeared when you were a tiny baby - I secretly hope it never goes away. Every time you tilt your head to the side to say "May I buckle my baby into my carseat when we get out?" or "Momma, may I help you?" makes me want to squeeze you and kiss you. I love you.
Elise - Your first signs were "milk", "more", and "shoes". The most upset we see you is typically over an article of clothing that is either dirty or that I've deemed "not cute enough for wherever we are going", but that you say is your favorite. You have opinions about your pants, your shorts, your shirts, your skirts, your dresses, your pajamas, your shoes. I don't think you've ever argued with me about your underwear... yet. I absolutely love how passionate you are about fashion and I love that you truly were born this way - it is 100% you and it's amazing. You fell down this week and, when telling a friend how you had injured your knee, the story started with the most important details, according to you: "Well, you see, I was wearing this very cute, red, long skirt... and I fell". You remember everyone's name - that girl you saw one time at the park 2 months ago? Yup, you remembered her name was Lucille. And most likely she now goes to your imaginary school that you talk about daily. You are our fish - jumping off the side of the pool, doing the "lala dance" down the inflatable slide, and squealing with delight with each breath. Every time I hear you read the book All Around the Mulberry Bush, which sounds something like "all around the bul-merry mush", I want to squeeze you and kiss you. I love you. 
Happy Birthday, Abby Rose and Elise Autumn! 
We love you!


  1. just a puddle of tears over here! i can not wait to get there to watch them grow, grow, grow. i can not wait to get to know them IN PERSON!! Happy Birthday Abby and Elise! You are very loved!! Auntie Sara

  2. Happy birthday, Abby and Elise! And happy birthing day, Erin! I'm thinking Miles picked a pretty good birthday if he gets to share it with two such adorable girls. :)