Wednesday, May 31, 2017

And then she was THREE...

For so long, we've talked about the "baby" or the "toddler". It's been such a norm around here that even Anna refers to herself as "the toddler" . But just like that, she's not the baby... she's not even the toddler. So on the day of her third birthday, when I asked her why she drank bath water (a serious pet peeve of mine in the parenting world) and she replied "that's just what toddlers do" and I reminded her that she's 3 now... Anna shrugged her shoulders and said "that's just what 3 year olds do".
Anna baby, for your third birthday you allowed us to call you "Anna" instead of "Goldilocks", which is how you've been introducing yourself to friends and strangers for weeks. You requested an ice cream cake and you blew out the candles (twice, because we ate cake and sang two times) like it was your job. You wanted polka dot pajamas, striped clothes, and a big girl bed. All were granted. Regarding the bed, we took down a crib that you never climbed out of, never even attempted. In fact, you've been sleeping in your big bed for a full week now and are yet to even get out in the morning without permission. By comparison, your big sisters not only bent the metal frame of their crib from jumping so forcefully but they also got big girl beds at 22-months because of the stunts taking place in, out, and between. It is amazing that you have never tried to frolic about after bedtime because if ever there was a night owl, it's you. Whether you have napped or not, had a busy day or a lazy day, bedtime always consists of phrases like "but it's my choice to stay up all night!" and "what will happen if I never close my eyes"... you then lay in your bed for anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half blabbering on and on and on. You asked for a trip to Pet World on your big day to see the aquariums and the panda hamsters. So that's what we did! It was a sweet, sweet day.
I hope the 3 year old you takes awhile before "Thure!" morphs into "Sure!" and before "Thorge" becomes "George". Keep on counting just like you did today: "one, two, three. four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, sixteen, eleventeen, twenty". Never stop saying "Daddy, guess what? Pickle Car!" or "Daddy, guess what? Blukle Fish"! ("blukle fish" is your amazing made-up animal that started as a play-doh creation). 
You LOVE books (current faves are Peppa Pig, Eric Carle, Pete the Cat, Dog's ABCs, Olivia, and any number of the Goldilocks and the Three Bears versions that we've checked out), you've started asking how to spell certain words, you recognize all the letters of the alphabet and know what sound each makes, and a couple of months ago the concept of rhyming words clicked: you started saying things like "Mom! 'Feet' and 'Seat' sound the same!". You love to "put on a show", standing on my big gray cutting mat, and singing "Madame Gaston", "Lost Boy", or "Mrs. Murphy's Chowder". While you know certain characters or songs from movies or TV, it's only from books or listening to soundtracks as you still haven't watched but a single episode of Olivia and an attempt at Mary Poppins, which didn't suck you in even a smidge as much as your sisters at that age. 
Your belly is so round that all of your pants have to rest below it's curve and your big sisters crack up at the sight of me trying to pull actual pants or shorts up around it. You wear a lot of dresses to compensate. ;) I hope your 3 year old self keeps it real, like your toddler self did:
Me: "Well, we wear pants so our legs don't get cold"
Anna: "That's right, Momma! And we wear underwear so our vaginas don't get cold!"
I love the way you ask me questions or tell me to repeat phrases and then you say "Good 'thob' (job), momma!". You are quick to shout "Daddy! I'm so glad you're home!" when the garage door slams. On the way home from school pick-up, you often say "How was your day, Abby?" or "Elise, did you have art or PE today?". Maybe the 3 year old you will stop making all your toys sleep face-down or will require fewer tiny, little people/critters/beads/trinkets to scatter about the house all. day. long. Or maybe not.
No matter the question, you often reply with "I'll try!", whether we're reminding you to stay quiet at naptime or to be careful around Gran and Grandpa's pond. When given your choice of a snack, 99% of the time you request dried pineapple and seaweed. No joke. When those aren't available, you are always happy with "cathews and cranberries" (cashews). You have an air independence that suits you perfectly - just yesterday, you propped yourself on the edge of a pool chair beside a threesome of young girls and I don't know what you were saying, but your hand was gesturing, your head was bobbing, and your audience was captivated. So, with that, welcome to THREE, my littlest love... our days of calling you the toddler are over but you're going to be our "teeny" forever. 


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