Wednesday, September 2, 2015

15 months

Where do I even begin with Anna's 15-month update... Should it come as a surprise that, already, I can hardly get a word in edgewise with you?? Sun up to sun down, sweet baby. You talk more than any little person I've ever known. 

You say "no" when you mean it and you smile and say "nooooo" when you mean yes; you say "dee do" (thank you) when given a book, food, or a kiss; when asked what you like to see at the library, you smirk and say "shimp" (shrimp), as watching the shrimp in the fish tank tickles you pink; upon entering a room, you announce yourself with a loud "hellloooooo", which is often followed by one of your fave phrases: "I'm coming!" or "Here you go!"; it's adorable when you call out "Lulu" (Lucy) or "Tah-lie" (Charlie); you love saying "one, two, threeeee!" but can fill in any of the numbers between one through ten if we count together and pause for you to say what is next; current favorite books include Over in the Meadow, Polar Bear Polar Bear, Mary Wore Her Red Dress, and Row Row Your Boat; you can name every animal in Polar Bear and you "read" most of Mary Wore Her Red Dress like this: "Mary wore red dress, red dress, red dress... Mary wore red dress all day long"... You, like your sisters, are a testament to early literacy...

We love listening to you sing "Tinkle, tinkle little star" as well as "Baa, baa black sheep, how do you do?" (your own rendition of the song...); you love to say "poop" every time you potty or if you actually need to use the bathroom, which you are doing inconsistently- when we flush the toilet and you say "bye bye poo-poo", it would be nice if you'd stop blowing a kiss to the disappearing waste but in general, we do very much appreciate how lovey you are; speaking of goodbyes, you always say "bye bye daddy" to everyone, which is usually cute but sometimes awkward when strangers hear you say that to the 50-something man at the grocery store. As I said, sun up to sun down, your cute little mouth is busy.

Your 15-month self ADORES your sisters and you spend a lot of time toddling to their room during the day, throwing up your hands as you look at me and say "Abbelise???". And then I try and avoid breaking down when I say "they're at school". Sidenote: we are all transitioning well. Elise hasn't looked back once. Abby thinks school should only be Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday with four-day weekends. Wise beyond her years... But you do miss your sisters and, from the moment we pick them up, you want them to be looking at you, talking to you, touching you, playing with you. 

(First day of second grade)

You eat great, you sleep great, you're healthy as can be... walking and running... talking and have 12 teeth... 25th percentile for weight... and 110th percentile for personality, according to my chart. 

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