Monday, August 4, 2014

July 2014: 6 years..10 weeks

Dear Abby,

Six. years. old. You're going to eat us out of house and home, especially if it involves seafood or meat. You dance with confidence, passion, and madness - actually, you sort of live life that way. Your facial expressions absolutely say as much as your words - which often include phrases such as "I know!", "But, but, but...", "I'm going to miss you!", "C'mon, Elise!", "Anna, do you have a smile for me?", "But what about ME?", "I'm hungry!", just to name a few. Your artwork is better than mine - you become so focused when drawing and, in case you were wondering, your bottom jaw STILL juts out and to the side when you're concentrating (this has been one of your "looks" since you were barely walking). Your latest fictional characters to pretend to be include Elsa, from Frozen, Mulan, Robin Hood, and Princess Leia. When you read aloud, you go so fast that we can't even understand you. I'm pretty sure that's how fast you read in your head but you understand every bit. You've lost 2 teeth. You are your baby sister's biggest fan. The transition with a new baby was hard on you and, after a couple of weeks working through some heated emotions, you responded beautifully to disappointment one evening and when I asked if you knew why I was so proud of you, your response was "Because I didn't arch my back?". And you were right, because we'd determined that back-arching was not a calm behavior. I'm proud of you for so many reasons, Abby Rose. Our family of five is perfect because you're in it. 

Dear Elise,

Six. years. old. You cannot stop spelling. "Hey Mom: I...L.O.V.E...Y.O.U" or "I..A.M...G.O.O.D.", all spelled out letter by letter in the middle of a conversation. Couscous, orzo, "open noodles", ABC noodles - you are a carb-lover like your Daddy. Your artwork is also better than mine - I was just laying in your room and looking at a drawing that you taped to your wall of Ana, from Frozen. It's truly amazing. Your latest fictional characters to pretend to be include Ana, Maid Marian, Captain Li Shang (from Mulan), and Luke Skywalker. Or the lady who runs "Dessert Closet", the fine bakery that occasionally takes over our living room. Whenever you're distressed, your sentence always begins with "But Momma, let me tell you something" - it's a dead giveaway that you're having a conflict with Abby or you have a request that you assume I'm going to deny. You've lost 2 teeth.  You are swimming like a rockstar - crawl stroke and even starting to learn the butterfly. You also have no fear and you often hear me say things like: "Elise, are we in the living room or at the playground?, "Elise, are we in the kitchen or at the playground?", "Elise, are we at the store or at the playground" because if it could possibly be climbed, you're on it. You are incredibly compassionate and, more often than you should, you put Abby's wants above your own. I'm proud of you for so many reasons, Elise Autumn. Our family of five is perfect because you're in it. 

Dear Anna,

10. weeks. You weigh 9 pounds, 3 ounces and you are 21 inches long. You're a great night sleeper - last night you went to bed at 9:00, woke up to eat at 1:30am, and went back to sleep until 6:30. Your hands are always in your mouth and you drool like a fiend. You also smile, talk, coo, and gurgle at anyone who will give you the time of day. At Starlight last week, you were propped on my shoulder and, before I realized what was happening, a crowd of half a dozen had formed behind me and you were talking their ears off and smiling like a star. Needless to say, they thought you were the cutest baby they'd ever seen. ;) We've been known to call you Anna Banana, Anna Pants, and Little Tiny. Your eyes are still blue, your head has a fine layer of peach fuzz, and your arms and legs continue to move like you're training for a triathlon. I've left you for about 2 hours with Gran while I teach a class and, as of about 8 weeks, you're sleeping mostly in your crib at night instead of with me. Daddy described you as "a peach" on the day you were born - that label still fits you, Anna Michele. Our family of five is perfect because you're in it. 

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