Monday, April 7, 2014

The days keep MARCHing by!

Well, apparently March happened. While it's not a month well-documented in words, pictures will have to suffice for a recap:

Abby, aka Robin Hood, learned how to shoot a bow and arrow.

Trees were climbed to new heights.

Tank tops and bare toes returned. 

Charlie continues to have two modes: asleep or absurd (don't get me wrong - we love them both).

We sported our St. Patty's greens and our KU blues. Sadly the KU blues didn't have the kind of run that they had in 2008 - I was pregnant with the girls when we won the championship that year.

Speaking of 2008... on the left is what should have been my 32nd week of pregnancy in July 2008; on the right is my 32nd week of pregnancy this time. March brought us some stress as Baby Lawrence's heart had some struggles. After more visits with prenatal specialists than we had with A and E, a little maturity and extra love seem to be doing the trick - Baby's heart has been behaving and holding steady for the past couple of weeks. And, while my tiny 2008 preemies could easily conquer the world, I happily rub my belly and smile each and everyday that this one stays inside. 

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