Friday, February 21, 2014

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever. Those are two words that I rarely use - I love being home and, much like my children, can easily occupy hours upon hours within the walls of our house. There is always something that can be crafted or baked, built or drawn, listened to or read. And still, in my second year away from the school system, I still eagerly await the announcement that it's going to be a snow day. I can't explain it but, if you're friends with me and work in the schools, you probably got a text, as usual, sharing my excitement over the cancellation. 

The snow days two weeks ago were different because they hit us at the very moment that we could either be devoured by or triumphantly overcome Cabin Fever. Within a week's time, Abby got sick, Elise got sick, I got sick, Abby got better, Elise seemed to be better, I got better, Elise got an ear infection, and we got snowed in. Cabin Fever clearly sunk it's claws into us.

The girls and I pick up a respiratory cold about once a year. In fact, I had Elise at the doctor on February 3rd this year and the last time I had been there with a sick child was on January 21st, 2013... one year ago. I don't dislike doctors; I believe in the power of healthy bodies to heal. I am not anti-medication; I believe in the power of healthy bodies to heal. It is hard holding steadfast to that kind of belief when I live in a world where people inundate their bodies with medication... pain relievers and cough syrups, antibiotics and antihistamines. Do the research: illnesses and diseases are smart - they learn to navigate drug-infested systems and grow bigger, stronger, and more resilient. And I can't help but wonder what it does to a healthy system to be attacked by these power-house germs? Stepping down from my soap box now. Just food for thought next time you reach for the medicine cabinet instead of a cup of tea.

We are all well... the snow has melted... and we kicked Cabin Fever's ugly face to the wayside. Enjoy some pics from our time together, both in and out of the house!

Making salt-dough Valentine magnets...

KU Women's basketball game...

From snow to shorts...

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