Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Let's get CRAFTY!

Making "stuff" keeps me going. Really, it does. Big, small, success or failure - the start-to-finish process of DIY keeps my wheels turning. I've pondered the possibility of doing a craft show here and there and, with no further adieu, I took the plunge. I will participating in the Lawrence Craft Collective's first show. This particular show has appeal on a number of levels - one of the organizers is a good friend of mine (Jill, with Stitchouse Designs) ... it will be taking place downtown at Liberty Hall (awesome!)... and there will be Free State beer served.! Keep an eye on the website for info and get your DIY-lovin' derrière down to Liberty on Sunday, November 24th. Here's what I have in the works right now... more to come, with buttons and flowers, oh my!

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