Monday, October 22, 2012

Fall Fun

Enjoy some pics from the past few weeks... John and I spent a weekend away in Hermann with two of the best of the best. :) The gals wrapped up their first soccer season - soccer was a great learning experience for all of us. We learned that social stories are helpful in understanding the unfamiliar. We learned that shinguards can be a bit scratchy and feel better on the outside of pants/socks. We learned that cold north winds trump social stories. We learned that it is best to start prepping for soccer at least an hour in advance. And we learned that it's never too early in the morning for deep breaths. ;) We made our first pumpkin patch trip - not to see pumpkins or take a hayride... but to see the kittens at Pendleton's. We went to the Maple Leaf Festival in Baldwin - complete with caramel apples, sparkly crowns, and the merry-go-round. Fall is fun. Damn fun.

I finally took the girls in for their 4-year checkup (per their request to go "see Dr. Heather"). They also finally made it to the dentist (sorry it took so long, Mom) and, with the exception of Elise coming up short by one on the total tooth count, their dental health is grand. Here are some stats, just for the books:
  • Abby: 36 pounds; 40.5 inches
  • Elise: 35.5 pounds; 40.25 inches
After having been weighed, Abby shared with the nurse that "I must have eaten a bigger breakfast and that's why I'm bigger than my sister today". They are 50th percentile across the board and developing as expected (and, in my opinion, a little bit above). They are taking a Kindermusik class right now and, just last week, their teacher asked if they had been preemies. I shared with her how early the girls were born and their birth weights. Her response: "you would never have known". True statement.

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