Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Growing up, our family trip to Minnesota was a highlight of the summer year after year after year (32 years for me, to be exact). When you have someplace that is special, the people, places, and things that make it so awesome stay with you forever. It might be a trip to Benjamin Franklin for nail polish. It might be that plastic goo that you can blow bubbles with. Maybe it's Yo-J. Anyone remember Yo-J? We bought it every summer at the little grocery store in Aitkin, Minnesota. And it was delicious. YOgurt and Juice: Yo-J. Go make yourself some. Feed it to your children. Use different juices. Whatever (see? already tossing the "whatever" around...see previous post).
Homemade Yo-J
  • Organic homemade plain yogurt
  • Organic blueberry juice
  • Organic lemon juice (just a tiny dash)
  • Local honey
    • Whisk away
    • Drink
There is nothing involved in this recipe. You probably do it all the time. But I hadn't made Yo-J in awhile and this morning it was a lovely treat for the three of us girls. Speaking of treat... John and I don't go big when it comes to gifts, especially for each other. Hell, I bought him drumstick chopsticks this year. Seriously. Chopsticks on one end, drumsticks on the other. He told me that he loved them and I believed him. However, he surprised me with a killer tabletop photobooth - it has the screens on two sides and the top with a backdrop and then two lights that shine in from the outside. I took the pics above with it and I am loving the quality. Thank you, dear! While I was sitting in the kitchen savoring my Yo-J, it seemed strangely quiet for having two small people in the house with me. I found the girls, in my workroom, posing their little critters in the photobooth and taking pictures with my camera. They took these pictures - 100% on their own. Now I'm not feeling so smug about my pics, because theirs are damn good. 

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